Saturday, 1 December 2012

Top 10 Worst Pranks Of All Time

Welcome to the top 10 worst pranks of all time.

We cover some of the worst pranks ever recorded on video and sharing. Some are downright evil and cruel while others are fucking hillarious.  Be sure to leave your comments on which prank is your favorite.  Counting down from 10 down to 1.

10. Ghost Girl in Elevator Prank, Brazil

 This girl is evil, and hillarious.  Everyone is sharing this video.

9. Japanese Sniper Prank

This poor guy just wants to get a job and is here for an interview and these guys reel him into this hillarious sniper prank.  Got to love the Japanese humor.

8. Brutal to watch scared chick freaks out

But it is fake

7. Japanese Ghost Mirror Prank with Sadako

Sadako is a famous figure in Japan, known as the ghost girl from Hiroshima.

6. Prank on a Belgian call center (with captions in English)

Hate telecom companies and their BS service?  These guys get even!


4. Wife Prank Gone Wrong

3. Relaxing Car Drive

2. Japanese Prank Compilation

1. Dead Man Prank

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