Saturday, 1 December 2012

Top 10 Worst Pranks Of All Time

Welcome to the top 10 worst pranks of all time.

We cover some of the worst pranks ever recorded on video and sharing. Some are downright evil and cruel while others are fucking hillarious.  Be sure to leave your comments on which prank is your favorite.  Counting down from 10 down to 1.

10. Ghost Girl in Elevator Prank, Brazil

 This girl is evil, and hillarious.  Everyone is sharing this video.

9. Japanese Sniper Prank

This poor guy just wants to get a job and is here for an interview and these guys reel him into this hillarious sniper prank.  Got to love the Japanese humor.

8. Brutal to watch scared chick freaks out

But it is fake

7. Japanese Ghost Mirror Prank with Sadako

Sadako is a famous figure in Japan, known as the ghost girl from Hiroshima.

6. Prank on a Belgian call center (with captions in English)

Hate telecom companies and their BS service?  These guys get even!


4. Wife Prank Gone Wrong

3. Relaxing Car Drive

2. Japanese Prank Compilation

1. Dead Man Prank

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Deepthroat SFW

Looking for more SFW videos. This series is all about being naughty and we have some naughty videos and scenes that are still SFW but you really shouldn't be watching it to be honest.

I am deepthroat Remember that watergate scandal guy called deepthroat. Not the best nickname to have for yourself or to be proud of unless you are some of these girls that have no problem going to town on some serious balloons and other items.


 And this girl takes it like a champ

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Prince Harry Naked - Dirty Harry strikes again

Prince Harry is certainly living up to a familiar nickname Dirty Harry! There are many stories of him floating around the internet about his sexual exploits. Some of them are probably meant to be a bit more private but any girl that has a chance to hook up with this hunk would probably brag about it to all of her friends waiting for TMZ to buy their stories or maybe the girls are paid some money to keep quiet. Well the Prince was in Las Vegas at Jennifer Lopez pool party. He was announced as being there so really nobody is surprised to find out he has been photographed naked with a girl. Who knows what this lucky girl's name is although people will be dying to get her story. Surely her descriptive details of her time with the Prince is worth a good $50,000. In the meantime here are some of the pictures reported on

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Toilet Humor

Who says toilet humor isn't funny?  This week we make it funny and share as much toilet humor as possible. Talk about having a potty mouth lol.

So now that you know your shit, how about a grammar lesson?

You should know the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit!

Did someone say it's a trap?  Star Wars strikes again in the toilet.

Some people just need a hand when it comes to draining the lizard.

If you missed all the summer olympic action in London, here is a recap of the diving events.

Ever get that eerie feeling that someone is watching you while you are at the piss stalls?

Who's the idiot that designed this toilet?

Last but not least, should some courtesy and learn how to properly use a toilet and how not to use a toilet.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Watching Chick Fights on Friday Nights

It's Friday, you ain't got no job, you ain't got shit to do. Except watch some glorious chick fights. You can watch tons of fights on youtube but who doesn't like watching a chick fight. It's rare anyone will see chick fights in their lives so seeing them on video is proof that this mythical event certainly does exist.

Even better is chick fights is going mainstream, yes mma + chicks = chick fights on national television! So if you are at work these are some videos you probably shouldn't be watching but you are about to click on them to watch and share the joy, gore and shits n giggles.

Happy Friday and enjoy!

More great chickfights!

Now great MMA chick fights

Now save the best for last!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Skittles commercial video NSFW

This video is probably safe for work but it truly belongs in the NSFW category.

If you want to see why this video is Not Safe For Work, you'll have to watch it and click that you are over 18 when watching the video on youtube.

This video goes great while actually eating Skittles!

Surely this video wasn't created by skittles unless they secretly hired a viral marketing company so people could share it and think of skittles as being an adult candy that has sex appeal.

Leave your comments below and what you think about the video. Share this link to your friends and colleagues.  

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Adult video that is SFW and NSFW

You might get in trouble for sharing this video around work but also technically you can't get in trouble because of what it isn't. Clearly this video appears to be a porn but you can see what the creative editors did to this video to take NSFW video porn clips and transform them into beautiful SFW art.

So feel free to share this around the office and get a few laughs. Remember you probably can't get fired for this unless it means you are just wasting time or if you can come up with a clever way to explain how this video is actually work related.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Girl takes Champagne up the ass

You just read the title and you know what exists in this post is way not safe for work.

Let me describe this video. This appears to be some sort of audition for this girl for a porn company called Tramp Stamp Studios. This girl really wants to be a porn star and she seems dirty enough to do almost anything.

So what is she asked to do? First she must give a swanky blowjob. Yes if you are caught watching this video at work, you are watching porn. If you are caught and want to redeem yourself just tell them you were told it was a champagne celebration video gone wrong and you were too curious and had to click it. At least if your boss watches this video fully, they would appreciate what you are watching and why.

Totally NSFW but you'll want to share this with everyone at the office.


Saturday, 7 July 2012

Do NOT Scroll Below aka

What if you were reading this blog post and I told you to stop right here, would you? That's almost part of what is happening at a site called scroll below. I can tell you to not scroll below on this post but you'll probably do it anyways. If you are at work I'm going to also recommend you do NOT visit this website

The first thing you see at scroll below is a cute picture, it looks like this:

Ahh how cute eh? Well there are more pictures, and more, and more. In fact it keeps on going and hence why you need to SCROLL BELOW.

What is It is possibly the sickest website you will ever visit. Some people get headaches after viewing the website, others simply vomit all over their keyboard because the shit on that site is, how do I put it .... FUCKING DISGUSTING!

So if you enjoy sending people really sick shit, send them and just tell them it is totally Not Safe For Work (honestly, NSFW, don't do it, you'll lose your job)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hardcore Smoothies is totally NFW

What are hardcore smoothies?  Use your imagination.

Keep thinking about it.  If you have a twisted sense of humour and are very kinky in your porn tastes then you are either crazy or you would be the genius that come up with hardcore smoothies.  If you are a fan of hardcore smoothies then you are definitely a suck individual.

What you'll get out of this article is a screenshot of the website which of course warns users the type of content you'll get when you click enter, no pun intended.

If you like smoothies then you'll love Hardcore Smoothies.

Next time you see someone enjoying a big delicious smoothie you need to send them to

Enjoy the summer with a smoothie.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

#newlabattcampaign trending topics on twitter

OMG what is #newlabattcampaign ?

It is pure evil and for some people hilarious depends on your level of sick humour. For those that don't know:

Labatt's is a Canadian brewery that makes a beer called Labatt Blue. The Montreal Gazette has posted facebook pictures of killer Luka Magnotta drinking a Labatt Blue. So Labatt has threatened legal action against the newspaper saying the killer drinking their beer denigrates their brand and will hurt their brand.

People probably didn't know he was drinking a blue but now that Labatt has asked for the attention now the killer is more associated with the beer than ever before. It shouldn't be up to the Gazette to hack the image where by doing so people would want to know what are they hiding.

Here are some of the most extreme posts on twitter for #newlabattcampaign If you are on twitter just search this hashtag as it gets multiple posts every minute!!/search/realtime/%23newlabattcampaign

 I would give an arm and a leg for Labatt Blue

Does anyone else remember a Labatt poster from the 80s with a Blue Jay eating a Tiger + the words "EAT EM RAW?" under it?

Labatt Blue: Tastes great, less filling, and won't cost you an arm and a leg. 

Stay bloodthirsty, my friends. 

Hey Labatts - Suck it up and move along - you can't pick who can & cannot pose with your beer !!! 

 Labatts goes well with Chinese food.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Cat vs Helicopter = Dead Cat Helicopter

What happens when you mix a cat with a helicopter? You get the dead cat helicopter!

First we see the video of cat versus helicopter. The cat is wary of the vicious helicopter and attacks it.

However after a few rounds the cat ends up dying and becomes transformed into a helicopter. That cat is named Orville and one Dutch artist has taken his dead cat and turned it into a remote control dead cat helicopter. Talk about recycling your pussy!