Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Anthony Weiner caught with another cock pic

Anthony Weiner is at it again, caught showing another dic penis pic

Yes we recognize those feet and umm... big mushroom head?

It seems that Anthony Weiner has been been caught again sharing more naked pics.  Some wonder if he is doing this on purpose trying to get more attention. He is leading popularity polls for the race for New York City mayor so people have to wonder if this is part of his campaign or is this something that he is just simply not getting punished for?

A website called Thedirty.com has the exclusive pictures and conversations. The 22 year old girl most likely got paid nicely to share these pics and convos to theDirty but who knows if this is something Weiner could do to sue but the damage has been done. We we'll see if this actually helps or hurts his campaign. If it helps his campaign then we can expect more ridiculous activity from politicians in the near future and forever.


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Meat Baby: Delicious!

Do you know what a meat baby is? Meat Baby is totally delicious, easy to make and is great to eat anytime of the year for summer bbq, thanks giving or even Christmas dinner. Meat Baby is not recommended for vegetarians as it may offend them for the wrong reasons. Making a meat baby is easy to slap a bunch of meat together but more challenging if you actually want to cook and eat your meat baby. Some comments around the net and on facebook have some people that find meat baby absolutely hillarious and others that think it is pure evil and you will go to hell just for laughing at it or liking meat baby. So if someone cooked a meat baby for you, would you eat it?