Sunday, 15 July 2012

Girl takes Champagne up the ass

You just read the title and you know what exists in this post is way not safe for work.

Let me describe this video. This appears to be some sort of audition for this girl for a porn company called Tramp Stamp Studios. This girl really wants to be a porn star and she seems dirty enough to do almost anything.

So what is she asked to do? First she must give a swanky blowjob. Yes if you are caught watching this video at work, you are watching porn. If you are caught and want to redeem yourself just tell them you were told it was a champagne celebration video gone wrong and you were too curious and had to click it. At least if your boss watches this video fully, they would appreciate what you are watching and why.

Totally NSFW but you'll want to share this with everyone at the office.


Saturday, 7 July 2012

Do NOT Scroll Below aka

What if you were reading this blog post and I told you to stop right here, would you? That's almost part of what is happening at a site called scroll below. I can tell you to not scroll below on this post but you'll probably do it anyways. If you are at work I'm going to also recommend you do NOT visit this website

The first thing you see at scroll below is a cute picture, it looks like this:

Ahh how cute eh? Well there are more pictures, and more, and more. In fact it keeps on going and hence why you need to SCROLL BELOW.

What is It is possibly the sickest website you will ever visit. Some people get headaches after viewing the website, others simply vomit all over their keyboard because the shit on that site is, how do I put it .... FUCKING DISGUSTING!

So if you enjoy sending people really sick shit, send them and just tell them it is totally Not Safe For Work (honestly, NSFW, don't do it, you'll lose your job)