Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hardcore Smoothies is totally NFW

What are hardcore smoothies?  Use your imagination.

Keep thinking about it.  If you have a twisted sense of humour and are very kinky in your porn tastes then you are either crazy or you would be the genius that come up with hardcore smoothies.  If you are a fan of hardcore smoothies then you are definitely a suck individual.

What you'll get out of this article is a screenshot of the website which of course warns users the type of content you'll get when you click enter, no pun intended.

If you like smoothies then you'll love Hardcore Smoothies.

Next time you see someone enjoying a big delicious smoothie you need to send them to www.hardcoresmoothies.com

Enjoy the summer with a smoothie.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

#newlabattcampaign trending topics on twitter

OMG what is #newlabattcampaign ?

It is pure evil and for some people hilarious depends on your level of sick humour. For those that don't know:

Labatt's is a Canadian brewery that makes a beer called Labatt Blue. The Montreal Gazette has posted facebook pictures of killer Luka Magnotta drinking a Labatt Blue. So Labatt has threatened legal action against the newspaper saying the killer drinking their beer denigrates their brand and will hurt their brand.

People probably didn't know he was drinking a blue but now that Labatt has asked for the attention now the killer is more associated with the beer than ever before. It shouldn't be up to the Gazette to hack the image where by doing so people would want to know what are they hiding.

Here are some of the most extreme posts on twitter for #newlabattcampaign If you are on twitter just search this hashtag as it gets multiple posts every minute!


 I would give an arm and a leg for Labatt Blue

Does anyone else remember a Labatt poster from the 80s with a Blue Jay eating a Tiger + the words "EAT EM RAW?" under it?

Labatt Blue: Tastes great, less filling, and won't cost you an arm and a leg. 

Stay bloodthirsty, my friends. 

Hey Labatts - Suck it up and move along - you can't pick who can & cannot pose with your beer !!! 

 Labatts goes well with Chinese food.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Cat vs Helicopter = Dead Cat Helicopter

What happens when you mix a cat with a helicopter? You get the dead cat helicopter!

First we see the video of cat versus helicopter. The cat is wary of the vicious helicopter and attacks it.

However after a few rounds the cat ends up dying and becomes transformed into a helicopter. That cat is named Orville and one Dutch artist has taken his dead cat and turned it into a remote control dead cat helicopter. Talk about recycling your pussy!